23 Things I learned while being 23

23 was a big “eye opener” for me. I lost some friends, gained new ones. And most importantly grew into a woman with a strong mind and confidence.

After a long night shift, I decided the best thing to do is share 23 things I learned while being 23. Are you ready?

1. Just keep swimming. Yes, the famous Finding Dory – quote. It’s the best thing you can apply in all aspects of life. Think about it!

2. The three Wills of shopping. If you’re a incurable shopaholic like me, walking past your favourite shop can sometimes end in spending on an item you would really not use, but found yourself in the register anyway. It is not too late to back down, and ask yourself these simple questions;

Will you need it for an upcoming event?

Will you wear it on your weekly life?

Will you have money for the rest of the month?

3. Drink. The. Damn. Water! Younger you would not see me drinking only water for a million years. Now days I’m finding myself carrying at least one bottle with me anywhere. Quit sodas, drink only water at least for a week straight and you will see the difference.

4. Invest on a few good bras. It’s no lie when I tell you, that your body changes trough the years. But having a good, supporting bra can give your girls some good years later on.

5. Stop obsessing about your weight. This is a sensitive subject, even for me. I’ve never been a thin girl, and curves have always been something that I’ve struggled with. And by curves I don’t mean the gorgeous hour glass body with a flat belly, I mean all of them. You can have your ideal body goals, but remember to be happy first.

6. Make sure your make up is not expired. We have all been there. We have our favourite palette, lipstick, brush etc. But when it’s time it’s time. A good hack is to buy two of them, and keep the other one far from your reach.

7. If it feels right, do it. Like our mother’s and grandma’s always told us. Make your stories while young.

8. Financial plan. Schedule a date with you bank, and find out the ways you can start saving long term. It might some day save your day.

9. Mental health. This is something at least our generation has suffered a lot with, and I’ve found myself in some dark places too at times. And we really need to talk about it.

10. Politics. You might be wondering why, but in the end that is exactly where your opinion most matters.

11. Being thankful. Everything in life, the good and the bad is there to get you to the point where you are ment to be. And babe, it’s a long, happy road.

12. Get to know yourself. In every aspect. And Yes, I mean sexually too. Let’s not fool ourselves. What ever your preference, your partner will want to know how to please you. How will they know How, if you don’t know either.

13. Red lipstick. I was not a fan of it before either, but it is exactly the right kind on splash of colour when you want to try to update your look.

14. Get a calendar. This useful little book came into my life when I worked as an English teacher. Yes, you have one in your phone. But what if something happens to it?

15. Falling in love is good. As the saying goes; you will kiss a lot of frogs before a prince. How will you know what to look for, without the help of some frogs.

16. Don’t beat yourself up. We all make mistakes. Many, many mistakes. But it all gets down to grow and learn from them.

17. Feed your imagination. Wether yours is painting, music, dance etc. Always make sure to have some time for it on a weekly basis. Fuel it by trying new techniques!

18. Quality over quantity. In everything aspect. But most importantly in your group of friends. Always know who’s going to be there and have your back.

19. Your signature drink. Bring out your wonderful personality in your own way. As a cocktail waitress my way of this has been by creating my own special drink, for those special moments.

20. New make up bag. Try to make it a monthly thing to change it up. Either by washing it, or buying a new one. You’ll feel like you have your shit together and your everyday brushes will thank you too.

21. Find the hair products that work for you. Everyone has their own hair texture, and the right products are just waiting for you!

22. Dental appointments. One thing really caught me off guard were wisdom teeth. As an unlucky example, mine popped up at the same time. When they fully came, some had a lot of caries due to bad brushing and not scheduling dental appointments to get a monthly clean up. Don’t make the same mistake as me.

23. Remember each moment with warmth. The smallest moments in time, will be the most precious gift you will have.

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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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