So it was my birthday..


Birthdays.. You can be any age, and I bet when it is time for yours, you get exited. No wonder, it is finally ‘Your day’! Shout out to all fellow Leo’s in the world.

Even if you don’t think 24 is not a big number, it still starts to show some changes, in your mindset and body. This is something I learned while writing up notes for my last post,”23 things I learned while being 23”.

Where before maintaining a more or less good social life after a long work day, or even working double shifts, my body is just not up to the challenge anymore. Even though I never really were a Party Girl, now I find myself even more home bound and READING! Yes, an actual book. That was a new thing too this year. Where I could maybe get in one book in two years, now I can finish three in a week. (Let me know if you want an easy-to-read list of some of my favourites)

My birthday wasn’t really special, and I spent most of it working. But, as positive that I am, it did not let me down and arrived to work with a big smile and a chocolate cake, and shared it with everyone working there that day. No songs, no candles, just being all together and sharing the moment. Reception, Housekeeping and Bar Staff.

As the night got by, the reason that I’m now writing happened. Even the hotel guests caught on to my special day, and some of them even took their time and money, and bought me presents! A lip gloss from a Beauty Esthetician, A stress releafing colouring book from our regular Gin and Red wine enthusiast, and a pair of golden, pineapple earrings. To say that I felt complete gratitude, is to say very little. I felt special. And then it hit me, each one of these wonderful gifts showed a piece of the energy  I give out in my work. That special I’m here for you feeling that you need sometimes when you are far from home.

And from that moment I knew, that that was going to be what I will aspire to do this year. Being there, for no matter what. And I challenge you to do the same. If you agree, let everyone know using #imhere.

Good night you beautiful people, I’m here for you.



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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.

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