Leppävaara Adventures.

Leppävaara is a small city right next to the big capital of Finland, Helsinki. It is also home to a multicultural nest of people all over the world, modernized buildings and small, idyllic homes. As my mother lives on the border of said city, it is where I’ve spent most of my last years before the big move to Spain.

photo6041625196026244856Picture of the shopping center, Sello.

As we had very little time in my home country, of course we had to make the most of it. So best assured these are only a few of the pictures we took there. As I don’t really wan’t to bore you with a long paragraph about every little detail of this beautiful place, I challenge you to put it in your bucket list to visit yourself!

Leppävaara in general, is a very wide concept with many regions, we spent the day right in the heart of it. Having lunch, shopping and donig what we do best, documenting everything with my new Nikon camera I got for my birthday in the beginning of the month.


As we were walking around the main part of Leppävaaras streets, hunger stroke us with a firm grip at it took us some time to decide where to eat. We had already been to Sello, and we wanted to see as much as possible of the city. We walked down the small park with my mom, and found a Turkish styled buffet restaurant.



The interior was gorgeus, but since it was pact, I fel bad starting to photograph people eating. But nerver the less, as there were beautiful details in every part of the restaurant, there were still a lot to capture.


There were so many options to where to choose from! Falafel, spicy chicken, fish.. I decided to keep it traditionally finnish, and ended up taking some vegetables, fish, and to treat myself, a spring roll. I really wanted to try everything, and since it was a buffet, you know. Go full beast mode.

But in the end I was full after this, and now really regret not even trying the dessert options..

There is still a part 2 to our adventurous day, with an up and personal moments of our trip coming up this week.

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