Adventures in Finland Vol. 1

Like you might have guessed, my life has had some big changes. Some people has left, some entered in my life. And then, I have my rocks. The ones who have been there since day one. And lucky for me, I got to visit one of the most important ones on my trip to my home country.

photo6041625196026244876From left to right; My Mom, Me, and Rocio.

My Mom raised me as a single parent from since I have remembered. As both being very strong-headed, we haven’t always seen eye to eye. And living together was a struggle, but now as I am older and reaching actual adulthood, (between 18 to 23 is still practice in my eyes) I do not even imagine a life where she would not be asking how I was every day.

The other one in the picture is Rocio. My idol, my inspiration and my hero. She is a full, warm-blooded wonderwoman from Madrid, with a laugh that fills up the biggest room. She started as my nanny when I was a child, and grew into one of our most precious friends. Currently she is a married woman, with two beautiful children, that I love as if they were my blood.

photo6041625196026244869She was very keen on taking pictures with me, and of course we had to have one taken of us together. 

As the smallest of the bunch is already starting kindergarten, and this little princess starting school, the family bought a house a bit further in a reclusive part of the west. With a gorgeous house, and Rocios impeccable taste, of course, the whole house looks like an interior designers dream.


Fun fact; In Finland, and in other nordic countries. We don’t use shoes inside someones home, and we teach it to children from a young age. Of course, me not being used to this anymore, I wore my favourite pair of gladiators, (Soon upcoming blog about my shoe collection) and was barefoot.

Well, I’ll see you next time!

Good night darlings!



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