Adventures in Finland Vol. 2

Suomenlinna. A little island with a lot of history, and a definet go-to place for finnish history and sightseeing. And none the less, for pictures.

photo6041625196026244790The bridge right next to the harbour where we got off the boat.

Suomenlinna, originally named Sveaborg or Viapori. Started early on, in 1748 this beatiful island was fortified and was host to many wars. Including the war to obtain the independence of Finland in 1917.

Ever since then, to this day, the island is declared as a ” World heritage” and citicents of the island are not allowed to modernify the outside structures, like on other parts of Finland. photo6041625196026244785The old ruins of  sharp shooters posts

The most popular sightseeing around the island was really affordable, and with less than  10e you could visit the three main war museums. One including even an old submarine! With the recorded audio in the backround, you could really feel how they must have lived in those times.

Even though I enjoy the fighting and mayhem in my videogames, I truly am happy, that our historic war periods are over. Ande lets hope it will stay like that for generations on end.

If you wan’t to know more about Suomenlinna, I’ll leave a link below to visit and find more info


Tune in for next post about inside the museums!



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