Adventures in Finland Vol. 3

The War museums. Like I told you in my last blog, Suomenlinna is the home to a lot of history, and key point to our independence. If you missed it, you can check it out again here.

A small glimpse of the capital. The ever gorgeous Orthodoxical church standing in the middle of new modern buildings.


To gain access to Suomenlinna, you have to take a ferry/another boat from the center, and it takes around 15 to 20min to reach the main island. Luckily, the weather was on our side, and as we sailed off the coastal of Helsinki we could enjoy the beautiful rays of sun shining on the dark, green water.


As we were finding a good place to sit, and maybe take some pictures. I suddenly recognized a familiar language, I was so exited, for no real reason to have a family of Spaniards behind us. They saw us, but I supposed they were too caught up on their conversations to really acknowledge our interest on talking to them, and possibly tag along as a group.

We didn’t really have a plan, since there are so many things to visit so we went straight to the war museums..


Like I have already told you, the island holds a lot of history and surprises. One of them being the newly reformed section, where you could try all the military clothes from different years. Oldest going back to the cold war. There were even a part of an old fighter jet, and I was able to squeeze myself into the pilot seat!

This is the end of the adventures in Finland series. I loved writing about my experiences there, show you pictures, and I hope I inspired you to maybe thinking about visiting my home country.



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