Buco burgers on a Monday

Hi again! Yes, after a long work week and other shenanigans I am finally here again. It has been quite the crazy week to be honest.

After some really tense moments in my workplace, I felt like I needed a break. And luckily I’ve got a few days just to cool off, and disconnect from everything. It is tough being a woman in the workplace, I can tell you that much.. I can’t still go into major detail about it, and it’s still kind of hard for me to process it by myself.

Feeling down about myself and after a long night of feeling panicked, I got an invitation to brunch from S.O, accompanied with going to physiotherapy with him, but I didn’t mind. It did really good to get out of the house and enjoy myself a little.

Anyway, the past last weeks there has been an international hamburger competition, and we being a pair of gluttonous meat lovers, we have made it now our mission to try every competitors restaurant. One of your favourites, Taco&Burger was also one of the competitors, but since we have been there for five times in the past months it was time for something new. The choise was pretty easy, since the first option was in the corner of the hospital. And so, we marched towards Buco Burger with hunger.


As it really wasn’t the regular time to eat, we got to be alone with really anyone walking on the street. And to be honest, with the state I left my house, much better that way.

Nevertheless, as soon as we sat down one of the waiters came quickly to take our food and drink orders. As our custom, of course we ordered nachos as a first plate. And good thing we did as it took some time to the hamburgers to arrive. And when they did, we got a pleasant surprise.


The whole plate was really pretty, and even if I ordered maybe one of the most boring ones it was still pretty good. The sweet potatoes were well made, and I think they were fresh too before they were put to the fryer and from the fryer to the plate.

If you’re ever do visit Palma. And more specifically, the center of Palma, I would recommend this place.


Good night!

Love, Paulatrax

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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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