My Skin care routine

Hello again!

I hope you are all great, and ready for my next post.

I suppose it is very obvious what my post is going to be about, and I did warn you that I will be writing about anything, and everything. So yes, as the shopaholic as I am. As soon as we got paid, guess who hit the stores!

To be honest I really needed to buy just ordinary, every day things. But, it seems that as soon as you enter a drugstore, there is just way too many options and possibilities that in the end I spent maybe an hour going back and forth from cleaning products to chocolate. And you can bet your girl bought some goodies.

Since I literally just hopped from the shower, I managed to take some pictures of the body and skin care products I’m currently using.

And here they are!


As my everyday skin care routine, I like to use the small tube of face wash with vitamin E from The Body Shop.  Since my skin sweats easily, I have to dry it with something, as especially at work, wash it often. This leads to a lot of dryness around my cheeks, and after all that just feels uncomfortable.

Next I go in with a gentle face scrub from Nivea. And as I let my hair conditioner effect, I scrub frantically my forehead and nose to get everything out of my pores. When all that is done, used the wonderful Mariella Rossi Sower Gel ,  rinsed and put a towel on my head, comes the hydration toner. I’ve tried almost all of the toner available in The Body Shop®, but I’ve yet to find anything better than the one from the Vitamin E collections. It smells rosy and fresh, and you can instantly see a difference in your complexion.

When my skin is nice and clean, I go to my favourite Loreal Paris ” Anti Aging ” cream, and rub it on my face. I love it, because not only it keeps my face moisturated and glowing but unlike all the others, it does not have the usual chemical scent to it. After all this is done, I spray one of my two favourite perfumes on as a reward and just brush my teeth.

Tell me if you like to know more about my small rituals, or if you want me to tap in on a certain topic. I’d love to hear your opinion.



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