The Time I finally went to cut my hair

As someone who had short hair for years (mainly because I get too scissor-happy when cutting hair), booking hair salon appointments was not a monthly thing for me.

Ever since I was little, my mother used to cut my hair if it got too long, or the ends just looked bad. Using the bowl-on-my-head method, I supposed it was an easier way to cut around. And to top off, the infamous ruler bangs.

Of course, this was a much different time. It was okay to have that ugly face, and be a flower child. Playing with your dolls, or in my case, with ponies. Mainly recreating scenes from my mothers favourite TV show, The bold and the Beautiful. A series which would get me interested on fashion and designing. But yes, times has changed since. And now it feels like adults are trying to make their children look like mini-adults with their electric Mercedes-Benz or designer bags. But then, we also then complain how the millennials are already dressing provocative and getting pregnant on an early age. Shure, this has happened through many years, but it feels like the thematic is really surfacing now.

So when my friend from work told me that she the manager in one of the most gorgeous beauty salons here in Palma, I really felt like I want to try it out. After years of box dying, cutting and curling it myself at home, I knew I was going to be the hair stylists nightmare when I got to my appointment.

At the door, I was greeted, and asked if I needed any help. I kindly told them, that I had booked an appointment with Rene. They guided me to sit down on the couch, and they brought me a cup of coffee and wait until it was my time.

IMG_20180901_234937_277-2The whole aesthetic of the place was just amazing!

When my turn came, I was greeted by Rene and he guided me to a chair in front of a table with a big mirror. I felt like I was shrunken and found my way to the Barbie Dream House! Everything was just so perfect. We started the consulting, and even though I told him, that he would have free hands, he took my opinions and discussed every detail with me before doing anything.

We talked a little about our lives, and really hit it off. And then it got time to my favourite moment. Washing my hair. Rene made everything possible to make my experience as perfect as possible, and it really was. From giving advice about the temperature of water to use, to the way he massaged my scalp. I felt like I was in heaven! When the time came to cut my hair, I just told him to cut as much as he felt was needed. And he went in with an assertive attitude. When it was all over I was really surprised. As it took me a year to have my hair the length as it is, he cautiously cut as little as possible and left my hair shiny, airy and softer it has been for months.

I was super happy about my experience, and I recommend it every time I start to talk about hair. Here is the final result!



Until next time!



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