The time when we had a Girls night out

So I recently got to have my first experience of a girls night out here in Palma, and I have to say it was more than interesting.

It all started when I ended my shift at the Hotel I’m working at the moment. At exactly 00:20pm I clocked out and changed out of my dirty, coffee-ful aquamarine T-shirt and beige shorts. I like to call them my ” Dora The Explorer ” Shorts since they have a certain explorer in the jungle vibe. Not in the sexy, Fashion Nova way though, more like what you wear from your moms closet when you have no idea what to wear and you are seeking ideas.

As I wandered on, trying to hail a Taxi with my big, weekend bag, Camera and backpack on the shoulder I felt like a parody of a celebrity hunting paparazzi.

Finally, after walking for 15min, I managed to stop one and gave the driver my friends address. After five minutes of explaining exactly where he was supposed to drop me off, I gave up, and asked him to drop me on the nearest main road.

When I finally got to the house, I was greeted by my friend and a nice, cold coke with a fair amount of Captain Morgan. Walking through the narrow hallway, we made our way back to the living room where two other girls were giving each other makeovers while singing the latest latin pop songs. It felt so surreal. Was this how it felt to be a part of a girl group?

DSC_0099 - copia

We took our time with our make up, making it as perfect as we knew. Of course, with the islands humidity and it being way too hot for anything major towards the evening our art pieces lost the battle against mother nature.

As we finished playlists, mascaras and setting sprays came the moment of deciding on what to wear came. And even though I already had brought my only option, I have to say those moments were the ones when I have truly laughed until the was no more air in me. I loved every moment of it.

DSC_0102Classy in black?

It could start to be noticeable that some of the alcohol had started to seep into our bloodstream, and with music we had no resistance towards the need to dance to our favourite songs and taking risky selfies. My friend and co-worker, Jen took out a pink selfie stick, and we tried really hard to get a good group photo with her phone. So hard, that she fell on her butt all the while filming. As such good friends, our first response was to start howling. When we showed the footage of Jen just all of a sudden disappearing on the floor she joined us screaming ” OMG we have to post that! ”. 


In the end just a phone camera did not just cut it, since it could only well get maximum two persons on a good portrait. I whipped out my new Nikon, and the girls respectively, while dancing posed in front of my camera. We talked about different phone brands, and I proudly showcased them my new OnePlus 6 I got myself for my birthday. Well, you know what really happened 😉 If you need a reminder, you can check it out here.


As the time got closer to the taxi to take us to their favourite clubs, I busted out Jens and mines ” favourite/theme ” song, calocha. If you havent heard of it, you can find it with the link right here.

That fatal song was our poor taxi drivers demise, that, and four half drunk twenty something girls. If you want to know the embarrassing way the story ends, do comment and take a guess what happened.

As always, thank you for reading.

I will se you in the next one!



The Calochas.




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