That one time my mom came to visit

” Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody`s heart ”


Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t always live in Mallorca. When I was a toddler, my parents ended their relationship and my mother and I moved back to Finland. I attended finnish schools, and later on worked in many different companies on different posts.

But back to recent years. So yes, I moved back to Mallorca the fall of 2016. And from there on I’ve tried to visit Finland every time I could, and mother has visited me too a few times. And lucky me, she came back for the last weeks of September. Seizing the opportunity, I took my gorgeus Nikon with me and took some pictures of our adventure together.


I live in a small village out of Palma, called Lloseta.


As you can see, it is not a typical moving plan for a 20-something year old. But, it is quiet and the living is quite cheap. Since I still don’t have a drivers license, the only way to move from here is by train. But since the train goes every 10 minutes or so, it’s not so bad.

When I stepped to the cool, ventilated train and found my favourite spot next to the window. Put on my headphones and started my favourite Spotify list, time seems to fly over the different stops on the way to the center.


And after a few moments, there she was. We had a wonderful time shopping, walking around the center. And the to crown the night, I took her to dinner at the hotel I work in.



Thank you for reading!

With all my love,


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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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