The time we had an adventure to Soller


It all started with my god fathers daughter contacting me after 10+ years without really talking to each other. She invited me to go shopping with her, and we ended up going for dinner, partying and having a sleepover with some champagne and facemasks.

The day after. When I finally got up from the sofa, and out of my typical morning coma, we had some breakfast and started to plan our day. We already had the thought of going to take pictures somewhere. And in the end we packed everything and headed her white Mini Cooper towards this small village in the middle of mallorquinian mountains.


After circling around for what felt like ages, we finally found a public parking area, and left the car there. Going up the small path towards to open grounds, the beauty of the village opened up before my eyes. The blue sky, the green hills and the silence of a friday afternoon. We stopped for a moment and started contemplating on which street to take, and whether to eat first and then take pictures, or take out the cameras at once. We decided on the first option.

As we were walking towards a small town square, a narrow, picturesque path took us by surprise. We had found the perfect place to start our little photo shoot.


After we were done with taking pictures, trying different poses, angles.. It was time for lunch! As the rest decided on pizzas, I really felt like eating pasta, but as the plate appeared in front of my eyes the only thing I felt was disappointment. It was good, and I ate it due to a surprising hunger but it really was not much. But, at least the wine was good. As each of us finished our plates, paid, and got ready to go a wonderful idea popped into our photographers mind. Ice cream. And a lot of it.

We found a gorgeous little artisanal shop with a garden in the back. We talked about theories, movies, cultures and everything in between. And I really felt at ease with them, telling everythings about my life too. Hopes and Dreams.

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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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