It was expensive, but definetly worth it.

Kerastase is one of the French based luxury hair care brand, that forms part in the L’oreal branch. Wich was established in 1964 and headquartered in Paris, France, by François Dalle.

I found this brand some time ago, and seen it being used a lot in different salongs shelves I always thought that they must be pretty good. And when I saw the ‘ Buy 4 pay 3 ‘ Deal on my favourite hairdressers Instagram story, best believe your girl got exited.

As I left my last fysiotheraphy treatment, we headed towards the newest shopping center, Fan, I was all hyped up about every shop I wanted to visit and all. But, in the end we ended up at Vacker. My all time favourite shop. If you ever come to visit Mallorca, definetly check it out! 

The music, pink walls and the kind staff make you feel comfortable. Plus, when you book for a hair appointment they give you free Coffee/Tea! Well, I suppose I’ve already mentioned in one of my posts before..

The reason I wanted to share this with you, was that if you have hari like mine. Brittle and thin, but you still want long gorgeus hair Kerastase is the one for the job!

With all my love,


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