January notes

My friends and I have this tradition, that we go exploring the island and take some pictures for their instagrams. And this time we picked this gorgeus camp site in Alcudia. It is quite hard to get there due to the serpentine roads and high grounds, but absolutely breathtaking when you finally arrive. The picture above is from the start of the road. This place was especially significant to Catalina, my blonde friend on the right. It was the place where her parents first met as teenagers while they were camping with their families, and I think the rest is quite obvious.

As we got up towards the highest point of the Victoria camp site, we found the perfect, sunny corner to have our picnic; Pasta salad, Apple pie and Nachos with Mango sauce. Delicious, and a total Carb festival.

My favourite photo of that day.

They both took their turn and we got some pictures together, and individually. 178 in total. And there was still a full day left..

As we got down the mountain, we decided to check out the nearest beach and take some pictures there too. Even though it was a really cold, windy day, there were some people walking around with their family or dogs.

Alcudia Beach

After 100+ photos more, we packed up our things and headed towards Palma again. During the night we went out, but unfortunately there aren’t any photos of it 😦

With all my love,


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