Saturday BBQ


It’s been a while.. Once again. I’ve spent most of my days playing Subnautica, or just laying in bed or taking pictures outside.. You know, the usual. In short; Procastinating. And the struggle has been a bit too hard for being the start of the New year, I feel like I haven’t gotten ANYTHING done. It sucks, but I have only myself to blaim.

Well, I haven’t been completely useless. I took up a new hobby! I’ve done it a while now, and I’m happy to say I’ve started running. I know right, shocking. Me, running. But best believe that happened. Sometimes when the neighbours are home, I take their dogs with me. My usual track is around my home village, killing a good 1h 30min from my day and ending up tired and hungry.

Anyway, this saturday we were invited to a BBQ party at my boyfriends uncles house in the countryside. Yes, where I live is country-ish enough, but I’m talking wayy there. They even have roosters roaming free there!

Dogs being dogs.

And the best part; They have doggos! Thge newest one being that black little one with a red jacket, Myka. She is the total package, although surrounded with cats, chickens and 3 big Pitbulls, she is the one creating hassle. Her favourite hobby being chasing and being chased by the other dogs.

They saw the baby chickens. And were put to time-out after. Don’t worry, no animal was harmed.

I haven’t really been around Pitbulls before, and truth to be told, I really was kind of nervous at first. They are big dogs after all. But after 10 minutes of barking, because, well, we were strangers for them obviously. They were total sweethearts wanting to kiss and be scratched all the time. Gros, the brown one was at my feet almost the whole time.

” If we good doggos, we get the noms.”

When we started to grill all the food, all of the sudden they put their best behaviour.. I wonder why!

It was typical spanish meat. Chorizos, Steak, Panceta, Morcilla, etc.. And it was soo delicious! Sorry any vegans or vegetarians reading.

All meat is beautiful!

While we were finishing up outside, and getting ready to eat, the Uncle spotted someone hanging with us at the grill.. Now, anyone scared of spiders. You have been warned.


I’m not really a fan of these eight legged buddies, put I can still more or less admire them from the distance. More or less.

Vol wanted some treats too.

At the table we had plenty of eyes watching every piece of food that went to our mouths. None the less, they were so well trained that even though they could have easily jumped on the table and causing a mess. They settled to just watching us. The cats, on the other hand were the menance!

Myka watching his prey, the bigget pitbull, Vol.

The day in fresh air did me at least good, and I felt a bit more myself again. I can’t really explain it, but I’ll try to tell you guys at some point..

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Untill next time..


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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.

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