The time we went on a trip.

Last Saturday, in about 3 am I rechecked my bag, and made sure I would have everything necessary for a four day trip with my collegues in our Hotel. I was so nervous I did not even sleep! Well, I also spent it on my last obsession; A PC game called Subnautica. Really, if you’re into first person adventure games, this is the thing for you.. Getting derailed..

Around 8am we all met at Palma De Mallorcas small airport with our small little group; Miguel, our chef, his daughter Jennifer, Per our reception manager, Elena from cleaning, Jonathan our night guard and of course our Boss Mats. We had a coffee to wake us up a little, and proceeded to get through the security checking.

Our first destination was Oslo, and it also was my first contact with snow after I don’t know how many years. I felt kind of stupid walking around the hallway near our gate alone, with a big camera on my hand. And I did get some glances while I walked back and forth.. I’m not really a shy person, but I must admit it was kind of awkward. Looking back I don’t mind it though, the pictures I took turned out really good. Don’t you think?

As they annouced that boarding had started, so started my status as the ”Wi-fi dealer”. That was pretty much all I did during all of the flights and even in the hotels. I didn’t mind though, I liked feeling needed. And so the plane took off towards Copenhaguen..

When we landed, we were all hungry, and Mats treated us to some Swedish Burger King! After our light lunch we headed to the Train Station on in the undergrounds of the Airport. As we waited for the train Elena and Jonathan got their first impressions of just how cold can the Nordic breeze be. And yes, before you think I’m any sort of a badass, I was cold too.

The Airport in Copenhaguen, looking from its Burger King.

As the train arrived to the station, we showed our tickets to the inspector and hopped on to our wagon. I got to sit next to Jonathan, and we spent the time taking pictures from the window, and watching some horror serie in Netflix I downloaded.

The train was kind of runned down-looking, and had this strange stuffy smell to it. Probably from the full on running heating that felt like it was burning through my jacket.

Here is some of the pictures I took meanwhile.

As we got closer to our first destination, the scenery changed to a lot colder, snowyer and more reclusive. But alas, we got a small city called

Luckily it was a short walk from the Station. My feet were absolutely killing me after all the walking and the pressure changes inside the planes. It was a horrible idea to wear heels. Never. Again.

When we got inside Statt, our Hotel chains owner Kjell, Mats’s brother
greeted us in the lobby with his son, Rasmus. And as we were checking in, he told us a little bit about the Hotel where we were staying. The history and the designing which was done by Kjells wife, Karin.

we just about had time to get settled with Elena and we had to get ready for dinner. We stepped into the lobby, and headed towards the bar where everyone else was. Even though all of the hotel decor looked like it was ripped of a designers day dream, my favourite place was just that, the bar. All the golden details everywhere. And the bar.. Oh the bar was my favorite. It was getting late, when our seventh companion got to the Hotel. Theresa had spent some days already in Norway with her family before joining us in our travels. Theresa is the spitting image of an viking beauty, even when she does not give herself that credit. She has a small dog, Troja with her everywhere she goes, and luckily this was no exeption.

The bar was safely guarded by a flamingo. I really wanted to take it home..
More details around the dining hall.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
The dining room.

If you were to ask me what I thought was the best plate I had, I honestly could not answer even if I tried. Everything down to the desserts were absolutely amazing, well presentated and themed to match all together. I really wish I would have saved some of the Instagram stories I made of them, but unfortunately I didn’t think that much at the time..

As we enjoyed our last drinks, Jennifer still felt like partying. She tried to persuade me to come too, but I wasn’t really into it after being awake more than 24h. So in the end Elena, Per, Mats, Kjell and Theresa joined her. I got to be the dogsitter for the time being, and took Troja to our room. Not long after I felt my four legged friends head sit on my shoulder, I fell into deep sleep..

Day Two To Be Continued..

All my love,


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