The time we went to Sweden, Part 2

Suprise! I know right? me, writin g a second day in a row. Ground breaking. But why not take advantage since we have some bad weather today.

Shall we continue?

The second my alarm sounded at 8.30 in the morning, I was already cursing the world and everything living on it. You see, I am nowhere near of being a morning person. And I felt like I didn’t sleep at all, and looking at the mirror gave me all the affirmation I needed that I really didn’t.

Hotel Feliz definetly has the best breakfast, but the Ikea meatballs were a nice variation.

We mustered all the will of getting up that we had with Elena, and headed to the dining hall where they served breakfast in the hopes of coffee and some lactose free milk.

From left to right; Me, Elena, Per, Jonathan and Jennifer. ( I told you we were tired )

I chugged down my second coffee, as Jennifer showed me videos of their adventures to the local bar and told how much fun they had. I could barely concentrate, but luckily as the others were hungover we all conformed in random murmures of happiness of being full.

As we each finished our breakfast, we still had a good thirty minutes before the first seminar of the trip. And Elena, Jonathan and I decided to take the time to go outside and take some pictures outside in the snow.

Elena doing a live on Facebook.
The small town square.
My absolute Masterpiece.

Our little adventure did not last long due to the wind, and obvious cold we were feeling all the way to our bones. Heading back I met with Theresa and Troja coming down the elevator, and heading to take a walk before the seminar. I asked if she wanted company, and joined her in the hopes to take a few pictures more. And so I did.

I told you she is beautiful. And also our token baby, Troja.

As Troja finished her daily things, we headed back, and took the stairs to the conference room.

To say that the conference room was a bit bigger than ours, would be to compare a loafer to a sailboat. It was huge. In the picture you can’t really appreciate it, since I took the picture in the middle of the hall.

Kjell and Rasmus preparing everything.

Since most of everyone were late, we were directed to mingle amongst the other hotels staff and getting to know everyone. But me? I just hid behind the camera. But as we sat down everything started, and the director of each Hotel talked about their years numbers. Ours were last due to.. well, some individuals ordering whatever they wanted. Good riddance.

But then the fun started, and we were given the task of making a small, one minute video with the Feel Good thematic which was the idea of the whole trip.

Want some sneak peeks?

Stay tuned. With all my love


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