We are BACK!

At 7:28 my darling cat, El Gordo decided that it was time to wake up and refused to stop meowing until I woke up. I wouldn’t have minded it, but I would’ve still have two minutes before my alarm would have gone off. Small thing, but two minutes is stwo minutes.

So I got off my bed, put on my unicorn slippers from My favorite online store at the moment (https://www.asos.com) And towed myself to the bathroom to get ready. I got on my favourite pair of jeans that my Mom bought me, a black blouse and prepared my backpack with everything I thought I would need. As I was leaving the house, I got a bit too cold and had to go back to get my jacket. I wasn’t about to get sick right when we start the new season. But well, I wounded up too hot and sweating under the afternoon sun.

By the time I was in Palma, and had jsut gotten up the stairs from the underground station my bus had just left, and watched it take off from the stop and into the traffic. Good thing I was too early. But bad luck followed me to the next number 3, as it was full of students from a public school. I haven’t been on a bus in these three months I had off, and it certainly took its toll on my patience in public settings. Luckily they got down near the Caixa Museum, and the bus was nice and quiet again. My stop was still a few stops ahead, so I started watching Shane Dawsons consipracy videos. This time about Chuckie Cheese. (We don’t have that in Europe, so I don’t really get it) This caused me almost to miss my stop, at least by my logic because I ended up getting off one stop eariler. Oh well, it was sunny and it was fresh air. I called up my boss that I’d be a bit early, and he jsut instructed me to come through the back when I get to the hotel. Easier said than done. I had to circle the whole building maybe three times before I saw the head receptionist and got to the hotel with him.

As we got in, almost everyone from last year was already there. Miguel, my favorite chef was already cooking our lunch and the rest of the ‘veterans’. Next to come were the new ones, and the rest just dribbled in around the time we were supposed to start the meeting.

As a kick start, we all introduced ourselves and I found out that one of the new waitors, Frank, is from Santa Maria. It’s pretty close to where I live, so I’m no longer the only one living in a village. When my turn came to introduce myself I was nervous and as all eyes were on me, I could really feel the pressure. I’m not one to talk in front of a group. Teaching was different, obviously. It’s only kids. But these were aldults, adults adults with families of their own and grankids. I kept it short and sweet, and just pushed the pressure on to the next one.

After the first quarter of the meeting we had a small coffee break, and sat back down to continue. Between the usual ” This is what we did last year, and this is what we need to do this year” talk, we got to the new thing the whole Hotel Chain is trying out. Which was Happy Economy. Yes, exactly what it sounds like. There are people getting money from measuring happiness. It mainly consists from taking surveys, and then they send an anonymous resume of what the employees think about their workplace and boss. After that, we had to log in this wierd webiste called Menti.com and do a mind map by writing down three words that we thought describes our workplace. At the time I finished mine, I had three to four phones on my hands asking how to log in and what to do. I don’t really mind it, it makes me feel happy that I can help and I oblidged. As everyone finished, and it was time to enjoy some delicious Pasta a la carbonara by Miguel. No sad faces there!

We finished the meeting by looking at the results from the survey, and of course some of the employees had to make unnecessary comments and laugh like it was funny. I tried really hard not to roll my eyes, too visibly at least. And as Mats showed us the new task worksheets some old dramas were doug up by the same person. Of course, washing her hands off of anything.. I just can’t with some people.

Anyway, thank you for reading about my day. As the rest was quite uneventful..

Lots of love


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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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