Photoshoot in Alcudia, Palma De Mallorca

Hello Darlings!

I know, I know. I’m kind of all over the place lately, and starting work again has not helped things. As soon as we started, I found myself covering for one of the new members of the Feliz team. Long story short, after a month of working with barely any time for myself, he was replaced. But yes, now I finally have my days off and time to do what I love. Writing, photography and sleeping. The third being my guilty pleasure.

Aanywhoosies, I wanted to share with you my day in one of the most beautiful cities of Mallorca, Alcudia.

That one particular day, was the first day I had off since the Hotel opened it’s doors.

It started out as a typical day, we had no real plans on what to do, but I knew I wanted some new pictures for my Instagram.

What I love about Alcudia the most, is the diversity or the areas within. The beautiful marina offers you the best view all the while shopping and listening to the music echoing from the bars.

As the sun was setting, we made a quick turn to one of my favorite shop. Goes without saying, that I might have found something fun.

I’ve never worn what they call, ” culotte” cut pants, or anything really of that style. But with the upcoming summer, it has been proving to be quite fun. Airy, flowy in movement and in a way, funky. Mine in particular is a one piece, and the fabric too is quite nice really. Cheap obviously, but good.

Thank you for sticking with me through out my little ramble. I hope to be back soon❤️

With all my love,


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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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