Talking bodies

I posted this bad boy on instaInst the other week, and got some interesting variation of comments. Most of them were positive, heartwarming and positive. But, what would be life without some internet trolls?

Now, I’m not one to care a lot about what people think about me. My momma raised me better than that. None the less this might not be the case for everyone, and body image is something us women get bombarded with every day of our life.

Lord knows I had my issues when I was younger, and got bullied my fair share being overweight, darker, and just all-out different. I admit, at those times I tried everything I could to fit in. But as I got older, gotten the taste of being in the “popular girl gang” I didn’t feel any better about myself, and often found myself doing and sayingsaying I really didn’t want to do.

As I finished my teens I had my big ” F**k you ” moment, and everything changed. I can’t really tell you how and why, but one day I just woke up changed. Empowered and little by little making myself doing what felt right to me, and only for me. Yes, it sounds very selfish. And it was too, but you know what they say, you need to break some eggs if you want an omelette.

Either way. I know I’ll never be someone’s ideal body type, and that is okay. We are all different, and the only thing to do is respect that.

Lots of love,


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I`m a 1994 Born Leo with a passion to thrive.


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